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The MSc programme is a response to the needs of the industry and has been conceived as a combination of academic and professional training. This purpose will be attained through curriculum design, especially the content that was developed in consultation with industry stakeholders, and through pedagogical methods.

In the writing stream, we have kept in mind the desire of industry leaders in print, audiovisual, film, and video, as well as corporate communication, for graduates with high conceptual and technical skills. Our programme is uniquely designed to produce professionals with flexible and adaptive skills, able to perform maximally not only in the media and communication industries but in fact in any business environment. A Masters degree from the School of Media and Communication is a guarantee of quality. Our industry partners who have asked us for this can hardly wait for the products.

In the enterprise stream, the need of industry for talents that build and maintain corporate brands and images, and who are able to manage overall growth, has translated into a programme which is the first of its kind in our continent. With the phenomenal growth in film and video, in new media, in ICT generally, not to speak of private operators in print, radio, and television in Nigeria, the market is wide open for quality graduates in media and communication.
As the world emphasizes more and more SMEs, and entrepreneurship, the media, and creative industries are looking for a new kind of practitioner: the enterprising, dynamic writer or producer or director or manager who creates or develops content for various media, brings new products to the marketplace and can sustain growth in our increasingly competitive environment. This is what our programme is about: forming the new players in an industry undergoing rapid changes. In fact, we expect some of our graduates to opt for self-employment, confident that what they have learnt with us will take them to the topmost heights of their careers.

The pedagogical approach which combines classroom experience with practice-expert sessions, and the presence of media professionals (Senior Fellows and Fellows) who teach in it alongside academics, ensure that students are imparted with knowledge and skills that would make them highly competent professionals able to meet the challenges of operating in an increasingly complex and interdependent global environment.

The internship programme that exposes students to real-life professional experience over a minimum of three months, while researching their dissertations at the same time, ensures that students test their newfound skills, knowledge, and insights in the real world before graduation.

Admission Requirements (for either format)

First degree in Arts or Social Sciences with (minimum of second class lower division).Candidates with an HND, Other discipline, or its equivalent must possess a postgraduate diploma (PgD) in a relevant discipline from a recognized university to apply.

Fees & Structure 

The fees for the programmes cover tuition, course materials (no textbook), the use of ancillary facilities, etc., and they are as follows:

Full Time: N2, 214, 300

 Part TimeN3, 464, 175


However, the fees can be paid in installments as follows:

M.Sc.  2019/2020 FULL-TIME FEES:

·         Plan A: Full Tuition Fees: N 2, 214, 300 with 2.5% discount (N 2, 158,942. 50)

 (The discount is applicable if payment is made upon admission in September 2019).

·         Plan B: 1st Semester Fees: N 1, 107, 150   

  • 2nd Semester Fees: N 1, 107, 150   


·         Plan C: 1st Installment: N 607, 150 (upon admission in September 2019)

  •   2nd Installment: N 250, 000 (November 2019)
  •   3rd Installment: N 250, 000    (January 2020)

            (The same fees are applicable in the 2nd semester)

M.Sc. 2019/2020 PART-TIME FEES: 

 ·         Plan A: Full Four Semesters Tuition Fees: N 3, 464, 175 with 2.5% discount (N 3, 377, 570.63k).

    (The discount is applicable if payment is made upon admission in September 2019).

·         Plan B: Per Semester Full Fees: N 866, 043.75k   

·         Plan C: Per Semester Installment Fees:

  •  1st Installment: N 666, 043. 65k (upon Admission in September 2019)
  •  2nd Installment: N 200, 000 (Six weeks to the semester examination in January 2020).

    (The same is applicable in the remaining three semesters)

 Please 07088641465, 07017825427, or send an email: for further inquiries.


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