On Saturday the 3rd of May, the executive council of the School of Media and Communication Alumni Association hosted a breakfast session for its members. The event was tagged “Breakfast with Mr. Deji Haastrup”.  Mr. Haastrup who is the General Manager Policy Government and Political Affairs, was guest speaker and he spoke about; Monitoring and Improving Your organizations communications strategy.

Mr. Haastrup spoke about what a communication strategy is , why an organization would need it, the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the strategy , what to expect and how to know if there is an improvement in how you communicate with the organizations target audience and stakeholders.

He said that a communication strategy is a road map that should align itself with the vision of its principals and that it must never be static but must be reviewed as the challenges and problems change and as the resources and tools change, e.g. technology. Challenges must not be avoided but must be embraced because they will help in the improvement and strengthening of the individual/organization involved. Other very critical parameters that must be taken into consideration for a successful communication strategy include, the cost and other needed resources and the estimated time that it will take to achieve the desired result. The result must be defined, he said; because unless you know where you are going you will not know how to get there; no communication programme can work without a good communication strategy. He concluded by saying that to know if your strategy has been successful, the impact and the value must be felt according to or better than what you determined it should be as testified by the target audience. Humans need to be able to see things from the perspective of others, to understand why they behave the way they did; to understands what motivates them.

After the presentation, there was the very interactive question and answer session. A plaque was presented to him and we took him on a tour to visit the studio.