The GTBank Nollywood Studies Centre organized a filmmakers’ forum at the Victoria Island campus of the Pan-Atlantic University on Tuesday, 26th November, 2013. The guest speakers at the event were, Mr. Byron Ene and Mr. Arinze Eze. The forum was attended by filmmakers and other stake holders in the Nigerian film industry.

The Speakers


Byron Ene

Mr. Byron Ene began working in television in 1992 before moving into the video-film industry.  He is comfortable with all types of camera, still and motion but is especially known for his expertise in the highly technical area of Steadicam Operation (of which he is the first indigenous operator in West Africa). He has worked with most of the top directors in Nigeria and Africa at large.





Arinze Eze

Arinze Eze

Mr. Arinze Eze, a content creator and strategic business coordinator, is also the president& principal engineer of AMIntegrated, Switzerland. He specializes in motion capture (MOCAP) and advanced facial motion as well as in animation programming, using Xcode (IDE) – Quartz, OpenGL ES. He is also into coreAnimation business strategies, iAds and promotions.