The School of Media & Communication Pan-Atlantic University and Afrinolly presents Short-Courses for Creative Entrepreneurs.

-Mobile Phone Filmmaking

- Screenwriting For Integrated Media

- Acting And Digital Performance

These courses will run for 96 hours over three months targeted at graduates and aspiring creative entrepreneurs. The courses will consist of a combination of lectures and hands-on practical work.
The programme offers both full time and part time options. Classes for the full time will run from Monday to Friday while part time classes will run on Saturdays. Classes will hold at both the Afrinolly Space and Pan-Atlantic University Main Campus.

  • Learn from Industry Experts and Facilitators.
  • Create Short-Format Content to launch career.
  • Access to N6m Film Fund.
  • Access to production equipment, studio and post-production facility at Afrinolly Creative Hub.
  • Film Festival Distribution of Content
  • Content Monetization Opportunities.
  • Internationally Recognized Certification.
  • Access to Afrinolly network in Nollywood.
  • Access to Pan Atlantic University network.
  • Opportunity for Germany Film School tour.

Date: 5th June – 31st August, 2018 | 

Cost: N275,000 18% off for Earlybirds [only N225,000] – offer ends 25th May, 2018


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  • Opportunity for Germany Film School tour.


This is a short course to train students on how to make quality short films with both Android and iPhones.

Course Components

  • Visual Planning [Pre-Production]
  • Mobile Filmmaking Gear
  • Setting up the Phone Camera
  • Filming Smooth Video
  • Steadicam Shooting
  • Lighting the Scene
  • Intermediate Mobile Video Editing
  • Shooting and Editing
  • Sound Collection/Design
  • Titles and Transitions
  • Mobile Phone Videos format delivery
  • Film Distribution Strategy

  • To understand the relevance and purpose of mobile phone film
  • To plan an African storytelling and communications strategy for mobile phone film
  • To understand visual design and relevant mobile apps for quality production
  • To understand audio design techniques for quality production
  • To develop a strategy for distribution and monetization of final products [5 – 30 minutes short film]



This is a short course to train students to write stories for Film (narrative) and Television.

Course Components

  • Introduction to writing for Film & TV
  • Rules of Story
  • Film Story Arc
  • Understanding Intention and Obstacle
  • Developing the Concept/Scene breakdown
  • Creating memorable Characters
  • Researching Your & Incorporating the Research
  • Finding an Idea
  • Understanding the Audience
  • Learning to Write Scenes
  • Writing Captivating Dialogue
  • Writing a Script: Structure, Process and Plot
  • Learning the Tool (Celtex and Final Draft)
  • Working with other Writers
  • Pitching Your Story

  • To understand the craft of writing for film & television
  • To understand how an idea gets developed into a screenplay
  • To learn to use Celtex and Final Draft Sreenwriter’s software
  • To learn the basics of plotting for TV, how to mile stone stories and its difference from film writing
  • To understand the tools that enhance effective storytelling.


This is a short course to train students on acting.

Course Components

  • Introduction to Acting for Film & TV
  • Researching Fictional and Real Characters
  • Developing Characterization
  • Breaking down a Script
  • Preparation and Rehearsal
  • Understanding Character Biographies
  • Auditioning
  • Creating Characters
  • Voice Training & Character
  • Recreating Emotional Depth
  • Using Your Voice & Using Your Body
  • Working with Directors
  • Working with Other Members of Cast

  • To learn to create characters using powerful, dynamic, simple and authentic and authentic technique.
  • To obtain an in-depth understanding of what is required for complete and compelling character analysis.
  • To learn the how to’s of method acting in order to create truthful and natural performances.
  • To build confidence as an actor and performer.
  • To learn how the best actors use their imagination to trigger the right emotions connect with the character.

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