Are you interested in a master’s degree in film production? Join us on August 16, 2019 for a live information session with Prof. Hyginus Ekwuazi (Film critic and former Director General of the Nigeria Film Corporation). Register now to indicate your interest and discover more on why you should study for a master’s degree in film production in Nigeria at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University.


Why should you study for a Master’s degree?

Film education in Nigeria has primarily been handled at undergraduate levels and in private film institutes run by players in the industry. The MSc Film Production would position as a step forward for persons who go through these institutes.

What distinguishes SMC from similar institutions in our country or beyond these shores?

At the SMC, we do not teach; we form. We form professionals in media and communication, and we form persons to attain fulfilment. The education we offer is holistic in the best sense of the term. We are concerned with the intellectual, professional, spiritual and moral development of our students and participants, no less than their optimal involvement in their families and engagement with the communities and societies where they find themselves. The goal is unity of life lived to the fullest and the cultivation of personal freedom with responsibility.

As part of the strategy to attain these goals, we pay individual attention to students and participants; and among the operational ways to implement this strategy is our mentorship programme. Thus, while striving for innovativeness in programming and efficiency in our processes, we do not lose sight of the ultimate reason for the efforts we make: to help our students and participants, each and all, to learn and grow. And they in turn help us to keep our brand promise and to improve continuously by the system of rigorous and frequent students’ assessment of staff.

The SMC community has grown steadily over the last few years. This is a community made up not only of current students and participants, faculty and staff, but also, crucially, of our alumni. These brand ambassadors are an integral part of the SMC, and no introductory statement of the school is complete without advertising to them. Our alumni are not our past; they are the present and part of our future. At the SMC, the alumni are not merely sources of funding; they are critical in reviewing our programmes and introducing new ones, in ensuring that we maintain our standards and our reputation. With them, we come full circle in our approach to learning and living.

Welcome then to the SMC community.

5 Reasons why you should consider studying at the PAN-ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY


Designed to impart a high level of education relevant to the needs of the nation and the African continent through maintaining a strong relationship with the creative industries and media.


We aim to create an atmosphere that encourages the pursuit of excellence in scholarship, service and personal growth for all our students and enable them to play an active role in social transformation.


We train and instil in our students the highest level of ethics in the pursuit of their professional work and personal life, thus preparing them to play an active role in social transformation with a sense of purpose and integrity.


Our programme aims to develop the technical, conceptual and creative skills of our students to the highest level in the practise of media and communication through applying internationally tested principles and techniques appropriate to the Nigerian environment.


We  provide a beautiful learning environment. The campus is serene, clean, crisp and modern. The buildings are new and the university is up to date with technology