In this Inaugural Lecture significantly titled: “Nightjar in the Forest: The Word in the World of Signs, Science and Wonders”, James Tar Tsaaior, a Professor of Media and Cultural Communication in the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria presents the word – with its plural properties – as the primary resource for creativity. The word, he insists, is the household of signs, symbols and the network of referents they incarnate. The lecture is a mosaic of ideas and knowledge systems ranging from agriculture, alchemy, astronomy, astrology, biology, commerce, chemistry, computer technology, culture, economics, geography, literary studies, philosophy, psychology, politics, sociology, theology (religion) etc. In the end, what is on offer in Professor Tsaaior’s inaugural is an exploration of the diverse forms of knowledges and the signs and symbols inscribed in them and how these multiple signs and symbols can be productively engaged to fashion a new world order which is habitable and liveable for the human species.

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