Añuli Agina

Director, Academic Programmes
Añulika Agina teaches communication and media theory, research methods, business writing, presentation skills and lately, cultural analysis at the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. She is keenly interested in documentary film and social change, and is currently exploring opportunities for impact producing. Her main research interests include media effects, cinema audiences, representations of the past and conflict in film, film as peace-building instruments, the reception of Niger Delta films as well as the links between film, history, politics and social change. Since 2015, she has led administrative teams as the Academic Director for BSc and MSc Media and Communication. She also coordinates research seminars for faculty and students. Her latest publication is African Film Cultures (2017), co-edited with Winston Mano and Barbara Knorpp. She seeks mutually-beneficial collaborative opportunities in African film and social change, impact producing, cinema audiences and educational development among faculty and students. She is currently involved in the Nigerian team of the Organizational and Research Culture in African (ORCA) Universities project led by Bill Puplampu and Stella Nkomo. She is in the process of launching a campaign on academic integrity for students at the Pan-Atlantic University, and is actively seeking funding for that project. She is impatient with sloppiness and impunity in the workplace, but thrives in an environment of discipline, mutual respect and diligent execution of assignments.  
  •  Publications
Agina, A. (2017a). Review of Nollywood Central by Jade Miller. Black Camera, 8(2). pp. 295-297 Agina, A. (2016a). An Ideological Reading of Nollywood's 'History' Films (1967-1998). Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies, 26:1, 113-133 Agina, A. (2016b). Questioning Methods of Nollywood Studies. In O. Okome (Ed.) Media Studies in Nigeria: Genesis and Detours. Ibadan: Stirling-Horden Publishers Ltd. pp. 295-310 Agina, A. (2013) The Niger Delta in Nigerian video films, Critical African Studies, 5:2, 79-91, DOI: 10.1080/21681392.2013.815054 Agina, A. (2012a). Film: A tool for social integration and tourism development. Nigerian Film Corporation, Abuja Agina, A. (2012b). Review of Kunle Afolayan’s The Figurine. SMC Journal of Media and Culture (online) Agina, A. (2011). Reception of storytelling techniques in Nollywood films among culturally literate Nigerian youths, Journal of Communication and Media Research, 3:2, 65-81
  • Books and Book Chapters
Agina, A (2017b) NFVCB's Ban of Fuelling Poverty: Political Move or National Security? In W. Mano, B. Knorpp & A. Agina. African Film Cultures. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp.223-240 Mano, W., Knorpp, B. & Agina, A. (Eds.) (2017b). African Film Cultures. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Awards
African Film Fellowship awarded by the University of Cape Town, October – December, 2016 Centre for African Studies Bursary awarded by University of Cambridge and ASAUK, 2016 1st Prize, National Film Essay Competition awarded by the Nigerian Film Corporation, Nigeria, 2012
  • Conference Presentations
Conferences attended (July 2016 - June 2017)
  • Lagos Studies Association (LSA) Conference, Jun 14-16, 2017 held at the University of Lagos. Exploring Cinema Audience Experiences in Lagos
  •  African Studies Association of the UK (2016) Conference, Sep 7-9, 2016 held at the University of Cambridge, UK. Black November and its Social Change Potential: Reactions from the Audience
  •  International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) July 27-31, 2016, University of Leicester, UK. Memory, Conflict and Restoration: The Reception of Niger Delta Films in the 20th Anniversary of the Death of Ken Saro-Wiwa.