The Advanced Writing and Reporting Skills (A.W.A.R.E.S.)  is a programme that focuses not only on improving writing skills but also on facilitating proficiency in research as well as critical and cognate skills.

The course will be of particular benefit to persons who work in the media and in public relations or who aspire to enter these fields, but it is also beneficial to those who merely wish to improve their writing skills. Important components of the course include learning to make adequate use of the web to present one’s work and the improvement of productivity through greater self-management.

In addition to the core writing modules, participants will have the chance of specializing in one of the three available writing streams:

The Creative Writing stream
The Creative Writing stream is a practical course and will run principally in a workshop format. It will deal with the nature of creativity and creative writing as well as explore ways that lead to the generation of ideas, the development of story lines and storyboarding, the development of character and atmosphere as well as thematic development.

The Business and Economic Writing stream
The Business and Economic Writing stream will provide adequate education in the requisites of business and economic reporting, and participants will develop skills to understand the discourse of corporate governance, financial markets, equity, privatization, and a wide range of macro and micro economic issues, as well as business practices.  This stream will also highlight the creative trend of persuasive business communication with the use of the new informative technologies and tools to transform the stiffness in written communication.

The Reporting for the Media stream
The Reporting for the Media stream will focus on the essentials of reporting and will consider the various forms of reports. Participants will learn how to develop a creative sense for news and how to put together an effective story structure. The identification of angles, the targeting of readers and the planning of interviews are other topics that this stream will deal with.


  • Journalists, Correspondents and Reporters
  • Copywriters, Creative writers in advertising agencies, and corporate organizations
  • Scriptwriters (in Electronic and Print media)
  • Film Makers, Producers, Editors and Sub-Editors
  • Corporate executive and Public relations Officers  who intend to apply creativity in writing
  • Those aspiring to improve their writing competence

Programme Type:

Certificate Programme (entitles participants to graduation and membership of SMC’s Alumni Association)

N30,000 Graduation & Alumni fees apply


Duration: 20 days spread out in four months


Dates for Advanced Writing and Reporting Skills (AWARES)



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a) ₦650,000 without accommodation

b) ₦1,040,0000 with accommodation and dinner