When goals are set and decisions are taken in any organizational setting, it often falls to different levels of managers, supervisors and team leaders to mobilize, motivate, direct, and work with other staff to achieve the set goals.  But the communication and relational style adopted by managers could make a critical difference between failure and success.  A brash and aggressive style could destroy social cohesion and team spirit in the work place, while a passive relational style could force the wheel of organizational efficiency grinding to a halt.

Assertive communication is motivational, goal-directed and effective because it begins with a respectful recognition of the essential worth and importance of every member of the working team.

The main aim of this seminar is to train managers and supervisors on the assertive and effective communication skills they need to build team cohesion and drive up staff effectiveness in the work place.

Other objectives are:       

  • To sensitize participants on the importance of emotional intelligence in inter-staff relations in the work place.  example and positive grit.
  • To re-train supervisors and managers on how to energize staff for better performance through personal
  • To train participants on the techniques and vocabulary of work place persuasion.

Topics to be covered include:      

  • Understanding Assertive Communication.
  • Techniques and vocabulary of work place persuasion.
  • Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence in work place relations.
  • Building inter-staff chemistry through communication.
  • How to communicate decisively.

Methods of Delivery:    

  • Presentations
  • Practical/interactive sessions.
  • Role play.

For Whom:

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Business Owners, Public Relations and Marketing officials, Human Resource and Corporate Affairs officials, Departmental and unit heads, Principals/Proprietors  of schools and Institutional heads, and anyone  that actively communicates with others in the public domain.


₦165,000  (without accommodation)

N181,000 (with accommodation + dinner)


Isaac – 0803 346 0440

Opeyemi Gazali – 0806 638 5629, 0805 812 7207

Email – info@smc.edu.ng