Without doubt, the coronavirus pandemic (aka Covid-19) has altered the world, as we knew it. The business landscape, public and fiscal administration and, indeed private lives are gearing up for what is the new normal. The outbreak, which hit the world like a thunderbolt, taking thousands of lives in many countries, will surely leave in its trail yawning gaps in corporate and public resources globally. This is bound to constrain the ability of many organisations to continue as going concerns, at least at the level or pace they were going or had intended to before the pandemic.

Already, many companies are filing for bankruptcy and millions of workers are filing for unemployment benefits across the world, most notably in the bastion of capitalism and entrepreneurism, the United States of America. World leaders and business executives are trying to chart a path for corporate survival post Covid-19. Indeed, this is the way to go, because life must continue after the pandemic. As with any major crisis, agility management tests the dexterity of both public and business leaders to rise swiftly after a major crisis. At the core of this is the question of how to ensure the relevance, integrity and sustainability of brands, especially corporate entities.

A major starting point in repositioning any organisation or brand after a major crisis is to reinforce its internal branding strategy. This is not just because of imminent paucity of funds for advertising but a reflection of the fact that a company is nothing without a motivated workforce committed to driving its systems with cost-effective and dynamic innovative ideas, tools and strategies. How quickly a company is able to refocus its workforce after any major crisis determines how early it can bounce back to profitability.

To be sure, many organisations would toe the beaten path of ‘right-sizing’ due to the difficult economic environment. However, to maintain the integrity and sustainability of an organisation in the midst of the storm, it is more impactful to ‘recharge’ and refocus the workforce, because a strong internal brand fibre helps lessen the risk of brand collapse. Once positively recharged, your staff will fight like a motivated army to win the war for consumers’ share of wallet, ensuring that your products or services get a sustainable amount of consumer demand in this new uncertain world of 2020 and beyond.

One of the ways to achieve this objective quickly is by the means of internal branding- a corporate strategy that ensures a continuous process by which your employees understand the ‘who’ and ‘why’ behind your business proposition in order to deliver the appropriate customer experience in a consistent manner.

Internal branding enables your workforce not only to keep your company’s promise, but also to live such a promise through their behaviours and interactions with stakeholders and customers. In other words, it regards the employees as the first layer of an organisation’s brand promise when they believe, own and live the brand. In such a way your workforce becomes like a well assembled and trained choir producing such a harmonious and melodious music enjoyed by the audience.

When an organisation builds its brand from the inside-out (internal branding), its authenticity is firmly established, thus yielding fruits such as goodwill, acceptance, patronage and support. To bounce back quickly after a crisis, internal branding is a proven quick-win.

Join the School of Media and Communication of the Pan-Atlantic University, for a three-day online course on ‘Maintaining the Integrity of Your Corporate Brand in Crisis Situations’ to help reposition your company in the minds of your stakeholders so as to return to profitability soon after Covid-19. This course runs from Wednesday, May 27 through Friday, May 29, 2020.


This course will help business owners and brand managers to:

  • Connect staff goals to organisation’s objectives.
  • Motivate staff to believe in the vision-mission-values of the organisation in the midst of such an unexpected crisis.
  • Build a positive army of motivated staff
  • Build trust and infuse positive energy in the workforce
  • Encourage open communication among staff
  • Establish a strong sense of belonging in every employee
  • Learn how to keep brand promises in crisis situations

For Whom

  • Business Managers/Owners
  • Brand Managers
  • Corporate Communication Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • HR Managers


Mini Classes – N35,000 per combo

Integra Classes – N75,000 per option

Optima Class – N106,800


Mini Classes – 16 – 23 June, 2020

Integra Classes – 25 – 26 June, 2020

Optima Class – 29 June – 1 July, 2020


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