This seminar is intended to provide fresh and win-win insights into the nuances of effective media management by corporate organizations in crisis situations. In addition, it is meant to re/shape attitudes and sharpen knowledge to more pro-actively engage with such crisis situations especially in the age of new media technologies. It will also strategically enhance the understanding of the key issues consistent with effective media responses by corporate organizations during sticky moments and how to negotiate their way through such delicate situations.
In collaboration with Professor Amiso M. George, APR, Fellow PRSA, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, USA.

Seminar Objective

•    After successfully completing this seminar, participants should be able to:
•    Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between issue, risk and crisis communication.
•    Discuss the importance of these disciplines to your organisation’s strategic goal-setting.
•    Identify key principles in case studies and relate them to practice-related concerns.
•    Prepare plans for issue, risk and crisis communication and apply them to practice-related concerns.

Some Modules of the seminar:

•    Practical skills for effective media management.
•    Issues management and communication.
•    Pro-active/balanced media management in crisis situations.
•    Reputation risk, its perception.
•    Ethical issues involved in managing crises in corporate organizations.
•    Risk communication as part of corporate risk management.
•    New media technologies and the management of crises.
•    Crisis communication as part of organization crisis management.
•    Logistical challenges in managing organizational crises.
•    Post-crisis actions and communication
•    Developing a crisis plan
•    Business continuity after crisis

For Whom
·    Media Executives & Directors
·    Managers of News
·    Directors of Information
·    Senior Editors (print and electronic media)
·    Special Assistants on Media
·    Corporate Affairs Managers
·    Chief Press Secretaries
·    Public Relations Officers

Mode of Delivery
Lectures/interactive sessions
Case studies
Class work
Group presentations


₦ 198,000  (without accommodation)

N230,000 (with accommodation + dinner)


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