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Executive Programme in Advertising (EXPAD)

Executive Programme in Advertising (EXPAD)

Address: Pan-Atlantic University, Ibeju-Lekki
Date and Time: 2020-03-11
Fee: Free

Advertising is widely regarded as the cutting edge of marketing and brand communication. This is so because advertising combines a plethora of strategies, techniques and skills that can hardly ever be found in any other promotional area of knowledge. From its earliest days, advertising brought forth several challenges and benefits to the owners of promotion-worthy products or services, ranging from attracting attention to scientific media exposure. With time, advertising helped to raise products and services to the esoteric level of becoming Brands, a development which greatly transformed advertising into a highly-respected professional practice. Today, advertising is no longer an appendage, but a worthy and tested partner, to all leading brand owners the world over. It is, indeed, a repository of Solutions, the preferred brand promotion option. This universal growth spawned a new age that is driven by Technology, Knowledge and Consumer Explosion. Advertising has thus cut out for itself a future of limitless opportunities and application. To be able to survive, compete and improve their levels of Expert Output and Value Addition, advertising professionals have no option but to continue to train and educate themselves for the benefit of the advertiser, the advertising media, the consumer and, above all, their very profession. This course by the SMC and Troyka-Insight Communications is a novel and rich source of such requisite equipment for perfection in the creation, planning, execution and delivery of excellence in advertising. It is the ideal bouquet of intellectual and industry blend.

Objectives The main objectives of the programme are:

  1. To introduce in the African Advertising industry a standing top-cadre manpower development bouquet that ranks among the best in the world.
  2. To stimulate in African Advertising leadership a new orientation towards unending self and organisation improvement in strategy, creativity, management and best practice compliance.
  3. To activate attention towards the application of Africa-centred Advertising philosophy, regulation, creative idiom and cultural values; and
  4. To emphasise the importance of digital immersion, scientific research and valid metrics as inevitable components of contemporary Advertising.

Programme Structure:

  • Three weeks intensive lectures at SMC.
  • One week practical sessions at Troyka Holdings.
  • Two days for group project presentation.

Programme Modules:

  1. Brand Management Excellence

This account planning training helps participants develop a strategic discipline in the use of structured tools that are most important in distilling consumer insights which result in impactful and effective creative communications of clients’ brands. They learn how to drive consumer affinity, loyalty and ultimately, the achievement of clients’ marketing objectives. The facilitator will take participants through an intensive process of hands on crafting of strategic brand plans and introduction to account navigation tools. From opportunity identification to following a new product from concept to introduction, this course will familiarize students with applications of new product management, planning and policy techniques. Participants will conduct business analyses for new products and understand concepts and processes involved in new product development, marketing testing, and product introduction.

  1. Public Relations Dynamics

This course provides an in-depth understanding of Public relations and the participants learn the art of managing the dissemination of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public. As well as building organizational reputation through responsive corporate social investment, they will understand how an organization or individual gains exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. The course also exposes them to the uniqueness of public relations as a different form of marketing communications. The aim of this course is to get the participants to conduct several projects on public relations by informing the public, prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and ultimately persuading them to maintain a certain view about a brand, its leadership, products, or decisions.

  1. Experiential Marketing

This course will expose participants to effectively create and activate real life experiences of the brand beyond the regular communication. It emphasizes how customer interaction with brands can create memorable connections as emotional triggers can be set off in the mind of the consumers by making them feel the brand not just seeing or hearing it. This training will cover all forms of marketing that appeals to the five senses, and which is focused at contextual awareness & sales movement.