United Nations Global Migration Film Festival

United Nations Global Migration Film Festival

January 31, 2022

On the 11th of December, 2021, the United Nations Global Migration Film Festival held in the Zaria Classroom, on the main campus.

The annual film festival sheds light on the challenges of migrants and celebrates the strengths and contributions of migrants to their communities.

Three films were viewed. One of them was a short film while the others were feature length films.

A panel discussion was held thereafter on the films watched and the idea of safe migration.

A takeaway from the discussion includes the fact that migration is not terrible; it is a part of life. People migrate even in first world countries. But the concern is to do it in the right way, not putting oneself in harm’s way for greener pastures. In the end, it was agreed that it is the duty of educators and filmmakers to pass across this message.

The panel was made up of two members of the SMC faculty, Mr. Lawrence Akande and Dr. Chiemela Ogbonna; a Nollywood documentary filmmaker Nollywood, Efe Edosio; a (representative of the UN, Cyprine Cheptepkeny, and a representative from the Migrant as Messengers group.

About 50 people attended the film festival.

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