Professional Course
Corporate Identity and Brand Management

Effective corporate identity management requires the engagement of a broad range of tested strategies and competencies if any organisation must survive today’s dynamic business environment. When people think about a company or their products, it is really the unconscious consideration of the company’s reputation that is at the forefront of their mind.


May 7, 2024


₦ 324,250


7 - 10 May

  • Date

    May 7, 2024

  • Cost

    ₦ 324,250

  • Length

    7 - 10 May


As a strategic asset that determines whether a company will remain a going concern especially during challenging times, building and sustaining strong corporate reputation demands lots of hard work, immense resources, consistency in value propositions, excellent quality offerings and delivering on stakeholders and market expectations which forms the core of brand equity growth thus impacting the bottom-line. Since no single organisation is insulated from the likelihood of reputation management crisis, it becomes imperative for managers saddled with such responsibilities to have a firm grasp and master such strategies and tools that makes for effective reputation management.

This seminar will enhance and sharpen the competencies of image makers, corporate communication and brand managers by empowering them with up-to-date crisis communication tools. It will acquaint participants with the act of reputation management and effective deployment of a robust communication strategy as key to survival in a volatile environment like ours.

It will feature practical strategic sessions by looking at some organisations that bounced back from crisis that borders on their reputation and brand perception.



Grace – 0806 638 5629

Samsideen – 0701 017 8911

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

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  • Expose participants to the strategies of cultivating sustainable media relations and how to respond appropriately to negative publicity or bad press. Putting participants ahead of the curve by helping them realise the full potentials of the media and effectively engaging them.Empower participants with tested contemporary tools for building and managing organisation’s reputation even at the height of turbulence or economic downtimes.
  • Expose participants to ethical issues in crisis communication and reputation management as prerequisite for sustained positive image and public trust. Educate participants on the need for integrity and sound ethics as drivers for sustainable communication strategies.
  • Equip participants with the processes of crisis communication with a view to engaging the right tools for a robust communication strategy.

For Whom

  • Corporate Communications Managers
  • Brand/Marketing Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • Media Heads in Advertising Agencies

Resource Person

Prof. Tayo Otubanjo

Mr. Kenneth Esere

Dr. Silk Ogbu

Mr. Olufemi Adeyemo

Dr. Austin Nweze

Mrs Temitope Falade




N324,250 (without accommodation)

N444, 250 (with accommodation for 4 nights + dinner)

N286,250 (Hybrid course fee)

Contact information

Grace – 0806 638 5629

Samsideen - 07010178911

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

Professional Education - 0805 812 7207

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“It has been an insightful 5 days here during the External Relations and Reputation Management programme at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University.

I would say that my expectations have truly been surpassed in many regards.I found it very satisfying and enlightening, the various modules that we participated in.

I think the coordinators of this programme have done a great job in identifying the various subjects that would make one a truly strong external communications person or a truly strong reputations management person. Looking at the modules before I started the programme, I really couldn’t identify how they were going to be as useful to me as they turned out to be. At the end of the day I think it all shows that there is a lot of skill, a lot of expertise on the part of the people that have put this together.

The facilitators have been excellent, we have had such wonderful sessions. They have been able to get people from the class to share from their various experiences. They have been able to also share from their own life experiences…– Olatomiwa Akande, External Communications Manager, Nigerian Bottling Company, Lagos, Nigeria.

-Olatomiwa Akande