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Experiential Marketing Masterclass

Experiential marketing is not just a buzz word in marketing, nor one of those professional jargons, but rather a growing trend which involves marketing a product or a service through engaging customer experiences. 


May 24, 2023


₦ 273,225


24 - 26 May

  • Date

    May 24, 2023

  • Cost

    ₦ 273,225

  • Length

    24 - 26 May


Experiential Marketing is also known as Engagement Marketing and entails tactics that bring brands in contact with their target audiences. Such engagements, when well executed create emotional attachments to the products/services under reference and subsequently attract patronage.

With the appropriate skills, organisations that successfully execute Experiential Marketing strategies witness surge in patronage and sales volume. The skills revolve around the ability and dexterity to present their products and services to consumers in a manner that ingrains both the psychological and physical attributes of a product in the psych of existing and potential consumers. This subsequently induces consumption and brand loyalty. As a marketing genre that emphasizes valuable contact with the audience, Experiential Marketing encourages the customers to become the marketing executives themselves by taking the lead to promote the products because they have emotional investment in that product.


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The aim of this training is to provide participants with basic understanding of marketing and how to leverage Experiential Marketing as a veritable part of an effective promotional mix for any organisation irrespective of the size, nature and industry. It will structure participant’s knowledge of marketing as a value creation process and brand activation as an exciting way to demonstrate the value that has been created and make it appealing and appreciated by the target audience.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Understand basic marketing management concepts, principles and the promotional mix
  • Understand what it means to have a project management mindset and how this can be applied to develop and execute effective and efficient Experiential Marketing campaigns.
  • Learn how to set budgets for campaigns and ensure high return on investment.
  • Finally appreciate why there is a rise in the adoption of Experiential Marketing in brand building

Who Should Attend?

The Masterclass is strongly recommended for marketing managers, business owners and young professionals who are interested in taking up a career in experiential marketing.

Course Fees

N243,225 (without accommodation)

N363,225 (with accommodation and dinner for 3 nights)



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Opeyemi – 0806 638 5629

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

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The faculty makes you feel like you are part of a family. You can easily meet with members of faculty whenever you need guidance

-Anita Dabor