Professional Course
External Relations and Reputation Management

With the growing influence of stakeholders, their ever increasing roles, strength and significance, experts predict that trust and reputation will become the most tradeable assets of organisations in the years ahead. This explains why no organisation should adopt a passive approach.


Aug 12, 2024


₦ 359,650


5 days

  • Date

    Aug 12, 2024

  • Cost

    ₦ 359,650

  • Length

    5 days


External Relations management must be geared towards establishing strong relationship with external stakeholders of an organisation with a view to winning understanding and support of the activities and issues arising in the course of the organisation’s operations. Reputation involves a collective representation of stakeholders’ opinions, an aggregate evaluation of an organisation’s past and current behaviour and a holistic impression of a company overtime, based on its performance and the ability to deliver on the brand promise and other valued outcomes to its multiple stakeholders; hence it has been aptly described as ‘a promise made and a promise kept overtime’

External relations and reputation management provides an organisation with the opportunity to transmit and manage favourable aspects of its image and values by identifying opportunities and risks critical to an organisation. The ability to actively monitor, analyse and adapt to both internal and external issues not only impacts the reputation of every organisation positively, but ultimately boosts the success of such organisations. Organisations need to develop capacities for managing critical external relations that capture the peculiarities and specificities of those relationships as a way of enhancing their competitive edge in a dynamic business climate.


For enquiries, contact:

Grace – 0806 638 5629

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

Samsideen – 07010178911



  • To equip participants with an understanding of the conceptual issues, fundamental principles and processes of corporate reputation management.
  • To guide participants towards the acquisition and improvement of practical skills in stakeholders engagement and proactive external relations management.
  • To expose participants to the new trends and contemporary tools in reputation management.
  • To educate participants on the importance of strategic communication skills, including critical thinking, writing, listening, business and social etiquette as critical pillars in external relations building

For Whom

  • External/internal communicators
  • Corporate affairs managers
  • Public relations practitioners
  • General/operations managers
  • Brand managers
  • Community relations managers
  • Business development managers
  • Customer relations managers
  • Senior level executives




N359,650 (without accommodation)

N509,650 (with accommodation for 5 nights + dinner)

Contact information

Grace – 0806 638 5629

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

Samsideen - 07010178911

Email –

“It has been an insightful 5 days here during the External Relations and Reputation Management programme at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University.

I would say that my expectations have truly been surpassed in many regards.I found it very satisfying and enlightening, the various modules that we participated in.

I think the coordinators of this programme have done a great job in identifying the various subjects that would make one a truly strong external communications person or a truly strong reputations management person. Looking at the modules before I started the programme, I really couldn’t identify how they were going to be as useful to me as they turned out to be. At the end of the day I think it all shows that there is a lot of skill, a lot of expertise on the part of the people that have put this together.

The facilitators have been excellent, we have had such wonderful sessions. They have been able to get people from the class to share from their various experiences. They have been able to also share from their own life experiences…– Olatomiwa Akande, External Communications Manager, Nigerian Bottling Company, Lagos, Nigeria.

-Olatomiwa Akande