MSc in Film Production

The MSc programme in Film Production consists of intensive practical and theoretical courses, which will encompass key areas of film production such as scripting, directing, editing, cinematography and sound production

School of Media and Communication (SMC), trains media professionals

The primary goal of the School of Media and Communication is the formation of media and communication professionals, to enable them pursue their calling of service to human cultures with a sense of creativity, skill, knowledge and values

Undergraduate Programmes

At the School of Media and Communication (SMC), creativity meets enterprise and theory meets practice. The undergraduate programmes of the SMC are designed to form individuals who are creative and professionally competent and who are ready for industry.

Bespoke (Customized) Programmes at SMC

All of our programmes in the Professional Education Department of SMC are available for bespoke offering. A bespoke programme comes with a bundle of benefits.


Turning Your School into a Winning Brand

Each school must differentiate itself from the rest by giving all stakeholders a desirable, unique and consistent quality experience every time, and at every point of connection.
This seminar will help participants to create a clear vision for their schools. It will specifically apply branding principles to the school environment. Participants will also be able to evaluate the progress of their schools in the branding process.

Communication in Education - The Functional Skills for Teachers

Communication in Education - The Functional Skills for Teachers

Functional Skills for Teachers, has been designed by the School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan-Atlantic University, to tackle identified communication barriers that constitute obstacles to effective teaching and learning. Its necessity stems from the fact that teaching and learning are inextricably linked to communication to as much as over 70%.


March 18-19,

The Art of Proposal Writing

The Art of Proposal Writing

Creating a powerful proposal is hard work, but it is not terribly complicated if you have the right tools, models, and processes, and use them effectively over time. The Art of Proposal Writing Workshop is designed to equip participants with requisite skills, tools, models and processes in creating dynamic, informative business proposals that will effectively sell your products/services, win you more clients, and drive your organization’s growth

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Academic Progammes

Academic Progammes

Our academic programmes prepare students for an industry that is evolving in a fast growing pace.

Professional Courses

SMC offers ranges of professional courses, click on the image above to view the various courses.

Knowledge Centers

SMC provides ranges of Knowledge Centres, click on the image above to view the various centres.