May 2, 2024

The School of Media and Communication (SMC) held its first-ever SMC Week. The week-long event, entirely organized by students, took place from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May, 2024 and was a lively demonstration of all that SMC has to offer, bringing together industry leaders and students for an enlightening experience.

The student organizers curated a programme brimming with engaging events: highly competitive inter-departmental debate, roundtable discussion with industry giants, career/talent show, sports/movie night and a grand finale of a dinner and awards night.

The round table discussion featured industry leaders such as: Kelechi Amadi-Obi, a creative visual artist; Fisayo Fosudo – Visual Storyteller and a video producer; Chichi Nwoko – CEO, What Media Group; Deji Osikoya – Podcaster, Actor and Voice Over Artist; Chuks Joseph – Actor and Model; Sheye Banks – OAP/ Journalist; Anthony Azekwoh – Contemporary Artist/Author/Entrepreneur.

During the round table discussion session, the speakers offered valuable insights that were necessary for students to imbibe as well as skills crucial for them to thrive in the creative industry.

Kelechi Amadi-Obi emphasised the importance of hard work and dedication. He stated that consistent practice is key to success, and that recognition often follows the effort put in. He also stressed the need for self-awareness, urging students to understand their purpose and inner strength. As vision is something that develops through action, he encouraged them to pursuing challenging endeavors. Finally, he highlighted the importance of clear communication and marketing to showcasing your skills and building a successful career.

Chichi Nwoko built on the importance of hard work and self-belief discussed by Kelechi Amadi-Obi. She emphasised the power of storytelling and finding your talent, even amidst challenges.  Nwoko highlighted the importance of overcoming the fear of rejection and putting yourself out there while stressing the value of mentorship and learning, especially when entering a new field.  Nwoko also urged the students to persist in pursuing their vision and taking advantage of the lowered barriers to entry in the industry created by technology.  She concludes with the call to action “Post with purpose!”, encouraging intentional communication and sharing.

This student-led project had many advantages as students developed their leadership and organizational abilities while gaining priceless event planning and management experience.

 The School also recognized the commitment of the student leaders behind this effort as their enthusiasm are genuinely admirable. This event has the potential to grow into a much-loved yearly tradition, enhancing SMC’s standing as a pioneer in developing the upcoming generation of media professionals.