Centre for Media and Communication Research

CMRC is to serve as an academic hub for interactions among faculty members, scholars, students and industry experts, which will promote leadership and sustainable human development in the realm of media and communication studies.

Objectives of CMCR

CMCR aims to undertake the following as part of its activities:

  1. Promote the culture of scientific inquiry into media and communication phenomena.
  2. Advance a research agenda that is sensitive to Africa’s social/development needs/challenges.
  3. Encourage inter- and multi-disciplinary thinking and activity within and beyond the media and communication industry.

Focal Areas of CMCR

CMCR’s research interests span a broad range of interdisciplinary topics, including social media, popular music, film and Nollywood, conflict and the media, identity (cultural, ethnic, religious), communication technology. Nevertheless, the CMCR investigates these four focus areas as they relate to other broader communication subjects:

  1. Film and Nollywood Studies (FNS)
  2. Media and Sustainable Development Studies (MSDS)
  3. Information Sciences and Data Studies (ISDS)
  4. Strategic and Marketing Communication Studies (SMCS)

 Contact e-mail address: cmcr@pau.edu.ng