Alumna in Focus – Eduvie Martin

Tell us about yourself.

I am that enthusiastic, passionate communicator who understands the power of words to evoke the desired attitudinal change. And I wield that voice….  Often bringing people together in a well thought out plan to amplify a comms campaign. I roll up my sleeves to get the job done but also take a step back to reflect on the impact of the work I do. I am a cheerleader to all my friends and family; I drive those who dream with me to be the best versions of themselves.

Eduvie Martins

Tell us about your career path into Marketing and Communications.

I started my comms career 15 years ago in banking. A few months into my Global Graduate role, I was invited to interview to lead the pioneer contact centre consultants. I got the role, later went on to interview for a role in the pioneer Marketing and Comms Department. I got that too and went on to lead a change management comms project for the biggest bank transformation – all in the span of 7 years. I got poached on LinkedIn by the BAT Nigeria office and later got transferred to the London office where I work today.


How did your time at SMC help to prepare/impact you for your current career?

From the moment I started earning, I started learning, fast! I knew I loved comms, but as a science student, there was still so much I needed to uncover. I would drive down to the School of Media and Communication, in VI at the time, read the numerous flyers for courses that I couldn’t afford yet, spend time in the chapel and then go back to work. I eventually saved up my bonuses and used most of it to self-fund about seven comms certificate programmes with SMC.

What are you most proud of from your experience at SMC?

The incredible network of people.

What does a typical day look like for you in your role as Head of Marketing and Communications at Comic Republic?

Eduvie Martins

No two days are the same. It is a big role, one I couldn’t pull off without the support of my very effective team who are hands on and just the right resources required to get things done.

A typical day with Comic Republic is often filled with managing and coordinating our social media content, ensuring requests to work with us from local and international clients are adequately responded to, sourcing opportunities for collaborations and planning out successful activities to amplify our start-up which turns 10 this year.

Given your role at Comic Republic, how do you manage your other roles like that with British American Tobacco and, recently, your place as Board Member on IABC UK & I?

Juggling requires me to manage my time, prioritise, delegate and trust my team.

I start my day very early with a plan on what I must achieve, organised from the night before. I’m off to the gym and then off to the my role at BAT which I manage from the London Office.

Managing the Comic Republic team is done virtually with periodic check ins at the end of the day.

Being on the board of the International Association of Business Communications doesn’t present itself like work to me, I find fulfilment inspiring more comms professionals from around the world to choose a comms career so it’s more like an outlet for me with a community of like minded comms professionals.
We meet once a month virtually and sometimes in a physical space in London, we coordinate events at least once a quarter and put our hands up for roles according to capacity which makes it all manageable.

I am very intentional about where I spend my time and with whom. I am rarely in places I don’t plan to be in, often choosing to be all in or not at all. I plan my holidays across my multiple deliverables and when I am on one part of my multiple roles, I am all in, present for that moment in time.

How do you keep up with work and family life?

Eduvie Martins Books

Prioritising is key. I don’t get this right all the time, but I have defined my values to remind me of what is important at each moment.

What are the qualities you seek in young people and those who would want to work with you?

I enjoy working with really smart people who take the initiative and go beyond what’s expected to achieve results.

What three books would we find on your bookshelf at home?

1. The Light we carry – Michelle Obama
2. Finding Me – Viola Davis
3. I know why the caged bird sings– Maya Angelou