Dr. Chiemela Ogbonna
Faculty Film Production
Dr. Chiemela Ogbonna
Faculty Film Production


Dr. Ogbonna got his first degree in Theatre Arts from University of Benin in 1987. In 2011 he got his master’s degree in Dramatic Arts (Media) from Obafemi Awolowo University and PhD in Dramatic Arts (Media) 2016. He did a short stint with Kwara State University before settling with Pan-Atlantic University in 2019 where he is currently teaching in the Masters in Film Production (MFP) programme of the School of Media and Communications.
His research interests include; effective application of film semiotics for socio-political reorientation, action choreography in Nigerian films and adapting animation films for the Nigerian environment.


Ogbonna C. A. (2011) Computer as a Panacea to the Challenges in the Production of Cartoon Animation Films in Nigeria, in Oni D. (Ed.) Technical Theatre and the Performing Arts in Nigeria: Celebrating Olateju Wasee Kareen CIBAC Publications Lagos. 2011.

Ogbonna C. A. (2014) The Emergence of Cartoon Animation as a Movie Genre in Nigeria: A Discourse on the Challenges in its Production, in Ogundeji T. (Ed.) Dimensions of the new Nigerian Theatre: Critical Essays in Honour of Kola Oyewo. Alpha Crownes Publishers, 107 Widsmill Street, ROCHESTER ME2 3XL United Kingdom. (189-210)

Ogbonna C. A. (2016) Sponsorship and the Quality of Nigerian Video Films, in Bakare S. R. et al (Ed.) The Stage and the Screen: Perspectives on Arts Production in Contemporary Nigeria (A Festchrift in Honour of Dr. Gabriel Adekola Oyewo at 70) Alpha Crownes Publishers, 107 Widsmill Street, ROCHESTER ME2 3XL United Kingdom. (343-371)

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Conference Presentations

Second Annual International Conference on Theorization and Classification of African Regional Movies convened by the Society of Movie Scholars and Osun State University on 25th – 28th October 2011  –  Genres in Animation Movies, a Plethora of Similarities in Diversity and a Case of Constant Misapplication in Nigeria

Subject(s) Taught

Studies in film history, Studies in the theories of film, Studies in culture, civilization & politics I, II & III, Principles & practice of editing & sound design for the screen I, & II, Workshop in editing & sound design for the screen I & II, Film production workshop I, II, III, IV & V, Studies in the comparative theories of film, the literary & performing arts & mass communication, and Studies in the performing arts