10 Years Post SMC – Life After School


“In 2011, I graduated from the School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University, with a master’s degree in Media and Communication. 10 years after, not only am I able to look back fondly upon the time I spent getting the MSc degree, but I can also confidently say it is one of my most impactful and rewarding decisions. The returns on my investment have been phenomenal, and I have spent the better part of the past decade applying everything I learnt during my MSc education – theoretical and otherwise – to my professional pursuits.

Armed with my MSc degree, I have traversed the integrated marketing communications field, starting out in public affairs before moving on to public relations, and I am now working as a chief marketing officer in one of sub-Saharan Africa’s leading financial technology firms. It is important to note that the foundations upon which I have built my career have not been purely academic – SMC taught me grit, tenacity, perseverance and research skills. The critical thinking and public speaking exercises practiced at SMC, for example, come into play every day at my present job as they also did at my previous roles.

Whilst badge credibility has become somewhat of a buzzword these days, it is pertinent to note that the quality of an SMC badge on your resume carries significant heft with a significantly stark downside – you are labelled a success even before you speak or act, a burden left for you to carry by the SMC alumni who came before you. This is because an MSc from SMC (I’ve always loved that rhyme scheme) means you are competent, capable, industrious and efficient. It also means you are dependable and reliable, and that any discerning employer would do well to trust that you will get the job done and get it done well.
Has it been an easy 10 years? No. The usual professional ups and downs have been recorded, but I daresay the impact has been buoyed by the education and experience I received and the lifelong personal and professional network provided by SMC’s alumni and, more specifically, the FT3 class. The availability of a network of professionals spanning media buying, broadcasting, journalism, advocacy, marketing, public relations and advertising is extremely advantageous.

To conclude, an MSc from SMC gives you the proverbial keys to the castle – regal recognition and education with access to industry royalty. 10 years later, I can confidently say that this still rings true.”

– Efosa Aiyevbomwan (FT3)