Meet The Expert with Aissatou Diouf, GM of Suzuki by CFAO

Ms. Aissatou Diouf, the current General Manager of Suzuki, by CFAO Motors, Nigeria featured as a guest in the SMC’s Meet the Experts Series. Ms. Diouf joined CFAO as an intern in Paris and rose through the ranks to her present position.
With over 22 years of experience across industries and countries, Ms. Aissatou Diouf has a rich work culture experience having worked in six countries (France, Senegal, Mali, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Liberia) prior to taking up her current position in Nigeria.

She shared with participants some of the peculiarities of these countries, the ease of doing business, and managing cross-cultural teams. She also highlighted some of the struggles women face at the workplace especially with regards to shattering glass ceilings. She believes that competence is essential for getting a seat at the table of power. Also, she strongly believes that a woman can have a fulfilling career and a happy home simultaneously.

She is an accomplished Pan-African business leader with a global outlook. She is passionate about seeing other women seat at the decision-making table.

The Meet the Experts Series is organised to facilitate interaction between students of the master’s programme and top industry professionals. The students found the session with Ms. Diouf an exciting one.