Learning Outcomes

Fellows will…

  1. Learn the requisites for innovation in the media landscape
  2. Develop an enhanced grasp of the changing media landscape propelled by ICT
  3. Witness improvement in writing and reporting skills
  4. Have better insights into the telecommunications and ICT landscape in Nigeria
  5. Have a greater understanding of how the ICT & Telecoms industry in Nigeria work and the role of MTN Nigeria in the mix
  6. Be equipped to take advantage of existing legitimate means to monetize their skills in a fast-changing media landscape

Every participant will experience improved knowledge in three broad areas:

  1. The Telecoms industry
  2. Media Innovation
  3. Writing & Reporting

MTN MIP Programme Structure/Modules

– MTN & the Nigerian Telecoms Industry

– Creativity & Innovation

– Media Entrepreneurship/management principles

– ICT and the Media: An Introduction

– Making Money as a Journalist

– Media Ethics

– Subscription Business

– Research, Writing & (Financial) Reporting

– Strategic Planning Skills

– Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making Process

– 5G and IoT

– Fintech, E-Commerce: Business and revenue models

– Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Reputation Management

– Experiential Marketing

– Marketing Activation

– PowerPoint Tools for Effective Presentation

– Proposal Writing Skills