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Academic Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

At the School of Media and Communication (SMC) we aspire to be the hub of learning in media and Communication on the African continent. Here, creativity meets enterprise and theory meets practice. The undergraduate programmes of the SMC are designed to form individuals who are creative and professionally competent and who are ready for industry. The programmes will equip the students with entrepreneurial skills while instilling in them a zeal for the common good and the ability to make free and morally upright decisions. They will also be positioned to impart positive values in service to society.

The SMC undergraduate programmes build on the experience that the University has gained in running postgraduate programmes. As such, the programmes offer intensive practical and theoretical courses and facilitate meeting points between industry and the university. Of particular note is the emphasis that the programmes place on the need for high ethical standards in the exercise of professional work. Hence, the curricula is suffused with courses that deal with human values as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.