December 3, 2023

In a celebration of academic excellence at the 20th convocation ceremony, the School of Media and Communication (SMC) celebrated the outstanding achievements of a diverse cohort of graduates who earned Masters and Ph.D. degrees in media-related disciplines. The event was a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering highly qualified and ethically conscious scholars who would change paradigms and the world at large.

The second day of the ceremony conferred degrees on 34 Master’s graduates in media and communication and film production, including both part-time and full-time students. While seven scholars completed their Ph.D. programs, contributing to the rich tapestry of academic achievements.

The SMC Masters and Ph.D. graduates emerged as pioneering scholarly research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in media and communication. Their dedication to academic rigor and intellectual inquiry showcased the depth of expertise cultivated within the SMC program. The diversity of specializations was reflected in the range of specializations pursued by the graduates as the cohort showcased a broad spectrum of expertise that aligns with the evolving landscape of the media industry.

The seven Ph.D. graduates represented the pinnacle of academic achievement within the School of Media and Communication. Their research contributions covered a wide array of topics, demonstrating the depth and breadth of scholarly inquiry fostered by PAU SMC. From media communication to advertising and film representation amongst other areas, the Ph.D. graduates are poised to make lasting contributions to the academic discourse in their respective fields.

In a statement by one of the doctoral graduands, Dr. Lakinbofa Goodluck, explaining his major takeout from his experience while studying for his degrees at SMC (PAU), said that some things guided his stay: Faith and Self-Conviction.

In his words, “I’ve learnt in the course of my program that everything we attain in life is by faith. Many people’s successes are tied to yours so you have to finish the race”.

The seven recipients of the SMC Ph.D. degree in Media and Communication for 2023 are:

  • Emmanuel Ezimako Nzeaka

He is a distinguished scholar in Strategic Communication, holding a Ph.D. in the field. With a diverse academic background encompassing an MA in African and Victorian Literature, an MSc in Media and Communication, and a BA Ed in English, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

His Ph.D. dissertation, titled “The Role of Strategic Communication in the Prosecution of the Biafra Revolution (1967-1970),” unraveled key findings highlighting the indispensable role of strategic communication in the survival and success of the Biafra War as a social movement. The study also emphasizes the pivotal role effective communication plays in mobilizing public support during crises and societal shifts.

Currently serving as a faculty member at the Institute of Humanities (IOH) at Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Nzeaka teaches academic and business communication to undergraduate students in both the School of Media and Communication and the School of Management and Social Science.

  • Aifuwa Edosomwan

His dissertation titled “The Representation of Marital Relationship in Nigerian Films” explores the intricacies of marital representations in Nollywood as well as how marriage is portrayed and perceived in these cinematic narratives. Key findings unveiled the prominence of marital relationships in Nigerian films and identified dominant themes such as married love, infidelity, domestic violence, spousal communication, male dominance, and in-law interference. It also revealed the profound impact these cinematic portrayals have on shaping perceptions and attitudes towards marriage.

He is also a lecturer at PAU where he teaches History of the Nigerian Mass Media to Mass Communication and Information Science and Media Studies students.

  • Anthony Okoeguale

Dr. Anthony Okoeguale successfully defended his thesis in March 15, 2023. His dissertation thesis was titled, “Brand Value Co-creation, Dominant Logics and Iconic Brands’ Sustainability in Nigeria”. The examining panel was made up of Dr. Ikechukwu Obiaya (chairman) Prof. Oladokun Omojola (external examiner), Dr. Rotimi Olaniyan (internal examiner), and Dr. Presly Obukoadata (internal examiner). Also, present were the PhD Programme coordinator, Ijeoma Nwachukwu, as well as Dr. Nelson Okorie who supervised the thesis.

  • Usoroh Ubong-Abasi

His dissertation was titled “Audience Perception of Nollywood. Representation of Women Empowerment in Nigeria” and was defended before a panel of five consisting of: Dr. Ikechukwu Obiaya, Prof. Victor Dugga, who was the external examiner, Prof. Emevwo Biakolo (Supervisor), Prof. Anthony Adah and Dr. Aje-Ori Agbese (Internal Examiner)

  • Osamwonyi Omozuwa

Dr. Osamwonyi Omozuwa’s dissertation was titled “The Influence of Participatory Development Communication Practices on the Empowerment of IDPs in the Context of Protracted Insecurity”.

The study sought to understand how the practice of participatory development communication in the World Bank’s Multi-Sectoral Crisis Recovery Project (MCRP) for North Eastern Nigeria empowered IDPs to transcend poverty. It also sought to identify the type of participation that was practiced, and how IDP’s participatory experiences determined anti-poverty intervention strategies that were adopted and implemented. The explanatory framework of this study was grounded on the dialogic communication theory.

  • Lakinbofa Goodluck 

Dr. Lakinbofa Goodluck defended his dissertation thesis which was titled “Defining the Christian Film in the Nollywood Film Industry”. Members of the panel were Dr. Ikechukwu Obiaya, Prof. Victor Dugga, Prof. Emevwo Biakolo, Prof. Anthony Adah, and Dr. Aje-Ori Agbese.

  • Muhammad Abubakar 

Dr. Muhammad Abubakar’s thesis was titled “Positive Deviance Amplification: An Auxiliary Media Strategy with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to Curb Corruption in Nigeria”.