Professional Course
Content Creation for Film and Television

The 5-day content creation programme aims at upscaling the skills and competences of creatives in combining creativity and originality in creating audio-visual content that creates value, delivers value and earns value. Three categories of content creators are targeted: Producers; Screenwriters; and Directors.


Sep 2, 2024


₦ 349,000


2 - 6 Sept

  • Date

    Sep 2, 2024

  • Cost

    ₦ 349,000

  • Length

    2 - 6 Sept


The training comprises four modules, covering three content categories—the TV interview; the TV/Film documentary; and the Sabido Methodology based TV-serial drama.

This essential programme for audio-visual content creators taps deeply into the most pressing need of the film/TV industry: savvy content creators with the requisite skills and competencies to create contents that resonate with viewers and audiences. In intent, content and structure, therefore, this programme has been so organically fused together that it cannot but ensure

  • Ease of delivery
  • Maximum interactivity; and
  • Achievement of the training’s overall aim and objectives.


For enquiries, contact:

Grace – 0806 638 5629

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

Samsideen – 0701 017 8911



To up-scale the skills and competences of Film and Television content creators in order to outsmart the competition in the competitively charged environment of the film/TV industry.

The aim of the Training is premised on two mutually reinforcing facts.

Fact 1: Both technology and the economy have created a highly competitive environment for film/TV content creators.  

Fact 2: In the highly competitive environment within which the film/TV industry is located, the way to the top is paved with creative content.

In consequence, at the very heart of the aim of this Training Programme is everything to do with using content in creating value, delivering value, and earning value—as a key player in the film/TV industry. This Training Programme, therefore, aims at up-scaling the skills and competencies of the participants.

Towards achieving the overall aim of the training, the objectives are to equip the participants with the requisite skills and competences to:

  • Effectively combine creativity, originality and initiative in creating compelling audio-visual content; and
  • Re-skill strategies in creating audio-visual content that creates value; delivers value; and earns value.


The Training will comprise four modules:

Module 1:

  • Applying Systems Design to audio-visual content creation.

Module 2—Content is king!

  • Creating the TV interview content.

Module 3—Content is king!!

  • Creating the film/TV documentary content.

Module 4—Content is king!!!

  • Creating the TV serial drama—applying the Sabido Methodology.

Who Should Attend?

The training specifically targets the following within the value chain:

  • Producers
  • Content creators
  • Directors
  • Screenwriters

Course Fees

N349,000 per participant

N499,000 (with accommodation and dinner for 5 nights)



Contact information

Grace – 0806 638 5629

Isaac – 0803 346 0440

Samsideen - 0701 0178 911

Email –

The faculty makes you feel like you are part of a family. You can easily meet with members of faculty whenever you need guidance

-Anita Dabor